developing character for the next generation


We believe in a world where everyone has the courage to show their true selves, while treating others with honor, dignity and respect, even in moments of shame, vulnerability, and dispute.

Who We Serve

We serve 20 million students in higher-ed institutions in the U.S. by helping 1.5 million faculty members teach effectively in their classrooms.


beAuthentic strives to create tech-enabled products to promote psychological safety within higher education. Students should be allowed to express themselves and inquire safely while searching for knowledge, truth, and understanding.

Engaging Students through Reflections and Relationships

Meet the Team

Damon Moon

Co-Founder, CEO

Lecturer at SJSU in Lucas College of Business.
20 years of experience in innovation & technology.

Paul Pham

Co-Founder, CTO

25+ years of software development experience.
Decades of experience in the non-profit sector.

Hudson Park

'21-22 Business Fellow

Rising Junior at Boston College in CSOM.
7 years of volunteer work and experience.

Taehoon Kang

'22 Spring Fellow

San Jose State University student.
Passionate about product management

Anna Touneh

'22 Digital Marketing Fellow

Business Marketing Junior at SJSU.
5 years of experience in social media and content creation.


Akili King

Growth Advisor

Damian Wasilewicz

'20 Summer Fellow

Joaquin Failo


Justin Yim

'20 Summer Fellow

Laran Evans

Dev Advisor

Rachel Ooi

'20 Summer Fellow

Sakshat Bhattarai

'20 Summer Fellow

Alexandra Hoose-Copelin

'20 Summer Fellow

Daniel Alvarado

'20 Summer Fellow

Jonathan Lau

'20 Summer Fellow

Kai Feng

Dev Advisor

Naveena Parasa

'20 Summer Fellow

Ripunjay Singh

'20 Summer Fellow

Sally Gai

'20 Summer Fellow

Damela Wiliams

'20 Summer Fellow

Francisco Bastit


Justin Yeung

'20 Summer Fellow

Karis Kim

'20 Summer Fellow

Olchi Skant

Design Advisor

Ryan Har

'21 Summer Fellow

Tim Marder

'20 Summer Fellow

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